Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farewell, 2011!!!!!

2011!!! So many folks are saying how terrible 2011 disappointing, unsuccessful, distressing, infuriating, traumatic it all was......and I agreed!.....until about 15 minutes ago!!!!! I went through the most appalling year with career, home, and health problems piled up, one right after the other!!!!!....all totally unexpected!!!.....and many of you helped me go through the surgery and chemo-therapy right here on Facebook!!! Friends that I never had before, and wouldn't have had, if I hadn't lost everything else and started my page here to help pass the time and tragedy! So all of that led me to the exact place I am right now.......I believe you can't move ONE grain of sand on the wide expanse of the beach of life, without changing EVERYTHING from there on...if you left the house 30 seconds earlier last February 3rd, you might have missed seeing your friend who gave you the good news, about the job etc., etc. If you crossed the street 2 minutes later on March 11th you would have never run into the guy you started dating seriously in the Summer, etc., etc. The movie IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is in fact THE CHRISTMAS CAROL in reverse......instead of covering the life of the WORST person in town (Scrooge) and showing how different life would be if all sorts of things changed or didn't, Capra's film shows us what life would be like if a regular person's life changed.....the effects we all have on those around us........I have swallowed all that 2011 gave me...some of it slightly bitter.....some very sweet. And I have decided to bless MY 2011!!!....and thank it for the 2012 that is coming!!! And I am thanking my angels!!!! I wish all of you....each and every one of us, A Blessed and Wonderful New Year!!!!!! xoxoxxo.

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