Sunday, September 25, 2011

A BRAND NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!......please check out SYBILBRUNCHEON.COM!

Darlings, Mummy is just as beaten down as anyone else with all the bad news and negativity and pessimism!!! We are surrounded by people, (some of whom we actually elect!) who tell us everything we can’t do, can’t accomplish, can’t BE!!! Well, I’m taking all the time and energy I have left and spending it celebrating the things in life that I love! I am using the SCENE'N'HERD page on my new website to promote people whose talent I respect, whose ideas give me joy, whose humor makes me laugh, whose food makes me fat…well…uh…you get the idea!!!!! This is a page dedicated to GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION!!!…I’m sharing the things I love with my friends!!! Welcome! And stay tuned!!!! xoxo, S.


Well, my Dears, here’s the latest evidence that Mummy CAN join the 21st Century ( a whole decade into it, unfortunately!!). Please check out all the different tabs under the scrolling film…or just click on the film frames as they go by. You’ll find links to Youtube, my Blog, Twitter, Facebook (even if you’re NOT a Facebook member, you can still see MY page!), and all sorts of other treats. A monthly recipe from my personal collection will be posted in WHAT’S COOKIN’…and all sorts of advice in MRS. BUTTINSKI…..that’ll be coming too. The calendar in NITE’N'DAY will allow you to link right through to the websites of event producers…just click on the highlighted day, and “off you go”…and you can always come right back to our site when you’re done! If it’s all easy enough for Mummy, you’ll have NO trouble….after all, Mummy’s as dumb as a post!….so to speak……xoxoxo!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 MONTHS AGO!!!!! .....NEW BEGINNINGS!!!!....even in the FALL!!!!!!

CATASTROPHE!!!...and TRIUMPH!!!!: Six months ago, my alter-ego, John Burke was laid off from his corporate job of thirteen years with scores of others......He didn't know anything about social networking, have a blog, twitter, or a Facebook, or even own a computer!!!... I KNOW! I KNOW!!!! (no giggling please from the front row!!!). I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my radiant boyfriend for his love and support through all of this, all my friends and co-workers who encouraged and advised me through this tremendous transition (especially at THIS point in my life!), the new friends who mentored me into the technical world of blogs, Facebook, youtube, twitter, and website design with their knowledge and beautiful taste, my new Facebook friends who make me laugh, cry, think, and connect to a whole new world, and the folks who threw me out. I am so grateful for the choices YOU made for me....I would NOT have chosen this....but YOU CHOSE FOR ME.......and I AM SO VERY LUCKY YOU DID!!!!! With love and gratitude to a Universe that continues to amuse, amaze, vex, and delight....I stand humble and filled with wonder!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweater Weather.....

Sweater Weather By The Beach: Faded flannel shirts stretched over muscles. Tanned feet, faces. Everyone covering up. Almost sexier, in a way....