Sunday, June 19, 2011


OKAY! You can all laugh….Mummy just got hooked up to Facebook, and is actually linking her new bog…er…BLOG to Facebook, and both of them to her website, and all of them to…..oh, NASA for all I know. (A lot of good that’ll do me!) Please go to for news and updates, (still under construction….oh I hope the handsome workmen wipe their feet before they tramp through my video library!), or to and look me up there for general silliness and people leaving all sorts of things on my wall! (It reminds me of the old USO appearances I did with Martha Raye when the soldiers would leave “souvenirs” on our tents!)……is that why Martha would always yell at them to “Stand at ATTENTION!!”?????

Miracles in Greenwich Village!!!!!

Well Darlings, after what seems like years in Greenwich Village, (has it only been about ten?!?!?), the process of corporate yuppification of the businesses in the neighborhood seems to be slowing! Bleecker Street, which used to be the bastion of the entrepreneurial and one-of-a-kind shops and cafes, underwent a sudden (and appalling) transformation into a Madison-Avenue-South. If you weren’t part of a major fashion or restaurant chain, your time was up!!!! Forget the fact that the new glam-stores might be empty after their initially big openings!!! There was absolutely no room on Bleecker for the folk art and antique shops, the Mom-and-Pop cafes, the little boutiques, etc., etc.
Well, what to my wondering eyes did appear????? The Ralph Lauren stores, which I believe were the first to invade, were closed up as of last week!!!! Windows soaped over and everything….just like an old episode of  The Twilight Zone!! I think I even saw Rod Serling wandering around in the back through the old returns section!!! And as Ralph always leads the way, is this a sign of everyone else again following suit and beginning to trail on out of the Village and return it to its bucolic past???
I’ll tell you one sign that I’ve found of a rebirth down here below 14th…..after the closing of some of the oldest and best loved restaurants in the Village (remember the Beatrice Inn, Sazerac House, Le Metarie, Bruxelles, and on and on????)…..well there is a whole new crop of little boites springing up just like those wonderful,(and brave!) little crocuses in the Spring that let us know that grumpy old Mr. Winter is on his way out!!!
RUN!! DO NOT WALK to Meme on the corner of Hudson Street and Bank!….more to follow shortly!!!!

Bonjour Everyone!!!!

Well Darlings….Mummy is trying to join the modern 21st Century world! I actually have a BOG….er…BLOG!!!..(it only took me ten years to get a cell phone!!!!!….and it was that early Zenith model that was the size of a 4-slice toaster…you know! With the rotary dial and the horn that dogs would always tip their heads into and listen???!!!) I shall be writing to you all sorts of helpful hints, recommendations, and pieces of gossip, or fact, that I feel need to be shared, and I invite all of you to send me things that are important for you to get off your collective chests!……well, here goes…..cursor on “Publish” and ….GO!